Paul Cowland

Paul Cowland


Poppy (aged 5) Shifting In The Isuzu

21 Nov , 2014   Video


It’s nice to have an auto ‘box on those long or traffic-heavy journeys, isn’t it? For those times when I’m in a manual – and really wish I wasn’t, I’m training the kids to do it all for me. It’s going well so far…


Sneak Peek. Episode 1, Turbo Pickers

16 Nov , 2014   Video

Just a tiny glimpse of what’s in store for Episode 1… In this episode we went up to see the superbly knowledgeable Dougal at Longstone Tyres. If you own anything, weird, retro, vintage or rare, chances are, he has the tyre for it on the shelf. A top bloke who deserves his own show, I […]

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1 Oct , 2014   Video


Autoglym ‘Let It Shine’ Video

17 Nov , 2013   Video


An oldie, but a goodie this one – and the chance to be on the other side of the camera for a change. It’s nice to produce and direct every now and then! This idea came about after car-careĀ  gods Autoglym asked our agency, ProMotiv, to create a short film that showcased their ongoing links […]


Onboard – Buddy Club Civic Cup Pembrey

24 Nov , 2011   Video


A cracking race from a few years back. My first time at Pembrey – and in a car that was a little off the pace. Still superb fun though – and some very close racing! VTEC just kicked in, yo!

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