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Project 328 Part 1

13 Nov , 2014  

So I may have been on Ebay recently…


As Britney Spears once profoundly stated, ‘Oops, I did it again..’ You know how it goes, whilst cogitating and deliberating on what should be done next on my other BMWs,  you take a little sneak onto Ebay and narrow the search a little. We’ve all done it; chuck in a few filter options. Less than £1500, searching nearest first… that’s me, keeping it real in the credit crunch. Then, starting sorting by badge. And boom, three cars in was this little beauty. Well, I say ‘little beauty’, but what you’re seeing here ladies and gents is exactly what I know about this car so far. These are the actual pictures from the listing that I successfully bid upon, as I type this with  2 or 3 days to go before I can collect it!


So, will it be as good as the pictures suggest? Well, the vendor, Max, sounds like a nice chap and certainly inspires confidence on the phone, and the pics do paint a pretty scene, with only a teeny rust bleb on one rear arch and a minor parking altercation on the front bumper spoiling an otherwise picture-perfect vista. AlthoughMrs C. wasn’t overly impressed on yet another E36 joining the’ fleet, even she had to admit, this level of 328  goodness, with a history that reads like ‘War and Peace’ and 117k on the clock, did just ‘have to’ be bought for the paltry sum of £1200! Like many of you out there, what I really wanted was a peachy E36 M3, but nobody in the world is going to let you drive off with one of those for a couple of ton over a grand are they?


The spec sheet reads well too, with digital climate, a factory ‘roof, the rather clean looking leather and even rear parking sensors. Quite a haul! Better yet, with winter just around the corner, it even has heated seats as well! Brilliant! If they work, I’m going to be one very happy boy! Despite the fact I haven’t picked it up yet, I’m already formulating the mods I want to do to it in my head. BILSTEIN coilovers perhaps? A nice set of Eibach ARBs and alignment gear, the obligatory M50 conversion, and a decent exhaust, and I could be worrying M3s, if perhaps not passing them. Give me a month or five with this little beauty, and I’ll have a track-friendly ‘B’ road weapon that will give me all the manually shifted RWD thrills I could ever need.


Will keep you all posted with my first mods!

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