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16 Jul , 2015  

A little glimpse into the barn, garage and driveway to see what’s on the boil at the moment…


The Subaru BRZ is one of my favourite cars – at any price point. It’s a proper analogue sports car and out of the box, it’s utterly brilliant. Click into the project car section to keep up with the latest on this one!


I love stuff that’s random, weird and wonderful. The Nissan Cedric is all that – and so JDM, it hurts. Ultimate plans for this one are a full VIP makeover… Yakuza styleee, anyone?


This is the latest plaything to arrive here from the lovely people at Subaru UK. I can’t claim the style in the picture either. That’s my mate Jason Sharpe, who as you can perhaps tell, is a little handy behind the wheel.


Now this is such a hardy trooper. Bought for a mere £2200 on Ebay and never missed a beat, despite its impressive 200k miles and original engine and box. No stranger to the podium, either!


I love all of the Saab ‘Airflow’ cars, but the chance to acquire the last ‘flatnose’ 9000 Carlsson was one not to miss. The ultimate affordable ’80s super-saloon!


I have had this beauty for 11 years now.. and it’s still mostly in its original paint. Mind you, I’m only the second owner! Being the first month of T25 Westy production makes her a rare old bus!


See, I told you I like Airflow Saabs. This one may look like a Carlsson and have the correct kit, seats, steering wheel and ECU.. but she’s really just a super-straight, low mileage T16S in a party frock.


Who didn’t want this as a kid? I promised myself this car back in 1982, so in 2004, I went and built it. Not the most accurate of replicas out there, as it doesn’t have the dash (or T-Tops), but then I built it for about £6k all in, so who cares?


My Audi 100CS was an £800 Ebay bargain. It’s super level and a delight to drive. I did love these Calibre Vintage rims, but she’s back on her original and desirable Fuchs wheels now!


Another Ebay bargain. A mere £900 this one. The 750il is sexy, brutish, thirsty and waftable in equal measure. I love it!


I wanted the new Dodge Challenger the second it came out. This one was a second hand bargain with just 1500 miles on the clock. It’s now done 10,000 – and most of them were sideways…


It’s fair to say I am a complete Subaru fanboy. I love them all, but I couldn’t resist this superb later-model UK SVX, with just 66k on the clock when it came up. Getting rarer by the day!


I think I may have a Saab Airflow collecting issue. This is the full house! 1980 car is only a GL, but factory white and MOs look smart!


This 230CE was bought for £400 – and hasn’t been touched since. Keep toying with the idea of a roadster conversion. Shall I???


For those pimpin’ days when you can’t afford to run the 750il… The kitted 728 short wheelbase is the ideal solution…


My 1963 Splitscreen ‘Barndoor’ custom. Built by VW and perfect by the genius that is Al Collister, I will get it finished one day…


Juiced, de-seamed and a whole host of tricks


One owner, 55,000 miles and concours condition… So of course, I light-customed it. Love the look of my W123! It’s the ‘wrong’ engine being a 200, and it’s a 4-speed stick to boot. But who cares when it looks this good!


I love any Rieger kitted car, but the Mk1 Golf cab is one of my all-time favourites. The perfect summer ride!


Also in the projects section for your delight is this bargainous £1200 E36 328. My ‘poor man’s M3’!


The works van! Everything should have a small block Chevy for fetching the chips in!


My 1957 Beetle. Currently in a state of full undress at Retro Power. Will post some updates in Projects, soon!


The Dodge at full steam. Thanks to Bryn Musselwhite for the pic.

oval 19

I miss this view!


My Scirocco is this nice.. and is this colour.. but it’s not *this* finished. So here’s a pic I found on the net of how it will all look when it’s done! ;)


I’ve always wanted a C3 Corvette since I had my first Matchbox model of one as a kid. This one is one owner with only 41,000 miles. I bought it in a heartbeat!


For obvious reasons…. this one’s called ‘Ron’…


A project I’m just about to start with Isuzu UK – a brand new 2015 Isuzu D-Max. It’s already proving to be an amazing workhorse.


As a unashamed Isuzu fan, I’m on a mission to save all the early Mk1 Trooper. This level old Mk1 Duty had been in France and was pretty rust free. Needless to say, I brought it home!


And then I found this one!! A genuine JDM Irmscher spec LWB model – complete with its factory split-rim forged wheels and Recaro interior. £1200 well spent I think!


The nicest of the trio is this one. 62k miles and a history like ‘War and Peace’. Currently being brought up to ‘day one’ condition, it even drives like new!


Ads and I have been spending a load of time recommissioning this lovely old Panther Kallista for my Uncle. 6k miles from new, and with the Ford V6, it’s a lovely way to hit the local ‘B’ roads.


I couldn’t resist this one! I’ve always wanted a Pop, and this one, with its awesome roof chop , clever chassis work and perfect wheel choice is a work-in-progress, but one I can’t wait to start!


Anyone who watched ‘Turbo Pickers’ might recognise this as our ‘B’ car from the XJS episode. It was so nice and straight I bought it off the production company. A nice ’72 which I will finish of in true ‘Back 2 ’89’ style…

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