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Turbo Pickers Ep. 2 Behind The Scenes

8 Dec , 2014  


Cracking old Routemaster that we found at Clarkes’ Jags.. I wanted this one to come home too!

Turbo Pickers

We are actually very happy to be here.. This is a pair of director-led ‘moody’ faces ;)


Dave eyes up two very tidy examples. Needless to say, we couldn’t afford either ;)


Where we are happiest! Love the IAD facelift cars. Think they have a lovely line!


Perfect picking weather! And what a venue!


Motor trade kids.. always get to try out the latest purchases…


The paint is pants – as are the wings, but there’s a super-solid ’72 under there…


Amber loves the driving position… Poppy dreams of a new paint shade.


The unsung hero of TP.. You gotta keep the D-Max looking slick!


Dave hates these Speedline ‘bottle-top’ alloys. I think they are amazing. Guess who won?


A build your own XJR-S kit for the impecunious Jaguar enthusiast. Cost? Not a lot!


Adz working actual magic on the rusty 3.6 inner wing.


The Bug at home.. waiting its turn as it rapidly becomes the kid’s favourite ‘den’.


AP Ben pushes as Dave looks on. About to test our 3.6 at Bruntingthorpe… mainly via the medium of ‘doughnuts’…


One must never drive a ’70s GT unless correctly attired…


Errrr….. It’s funny what you find at Brunters.


Dave auditions for the UK remake of ‘Lost’


Paint on. Glass to go. Wheels GOT TO go! Not working for me!


Going for a low-rent ‘Back to 89′ feel on this one!


Rear tyres were just test fits at this point, but you get the idea…


Done for very little cash.. but what a looker!


Dave explaining what is what on the World’s largest Subbuteo pitch

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