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Turbo Pickers Ep. 5 Behind The Scenes

29 Dec , 2014  


The CX after we got it back from the scrapyard at Micks – and awaiting transit to the workshop in Lancs. What a save!!!


Our trusty Isuzu D-Max looking smart on location in Sunny Lancs. We LOVE this truck so much!


Found on the door of the office in the garage where we found the 1600E. We’re still none the wiser!


Dave loved it.. I still wished it had the rest still attached. Either way, it wasn’t coming home. Quite a bit to do, for far too little cash, this one!


Always wanted to do a Scimitar. This one was missing a few bits though. Another gem from “1600E Dave’s” place


Remember kids… always check your surroundings when posing for a location BTS pic.


The glamour of our job… Martin and Simon look on. Dave and Ads are talking electrics…


Still not sure why this is in the Citroen.. apparently, it’s entirely innocent…


Ken’s “Wall of Death” bike needed a few bits.. so the easiest way to get them.. was to get another Honda!


This took Dave about 3 minutes from a complete bike. I think he used the force…


Dave.. at his happiest.. with an old bike. Although, he thinks anything from the ’70s is actually cutting edge…


Adz on route in the Isuzu. ’90s Dance choooons playing, I guarantee it!


A tired, oily old two-wheeled commuter… and a Honda…


Director James checks the helmet-cam for size…


Ken’s troupe is very talented! LOVE these old Indians. Such great looking bikes


Long way down!


Dave is tickling carbs.. 2 minutes to show-time dood!


“Er Dave… the punters are ‘ere”


Hard to tell who is most impressed, really ;)


Ready for its close up… The Honda actually looked very cool when it was done


I go super-secret off-roading to find some Citroen parts


Nigel’s Church of Citroen Salvation… amazing!

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