Paul Cowland

Paul Cowland

Project Car Builds

Project BRZ Part 2 – Wheels

12 Nov , 2014  


So I have a rather nice Subaru BRZ that the lovely people at Subaru UK are letting me play with. As well as writing about it in Banzai magazine I will be sharing it up here too. I hope you enjoy it. It’s already got a few choice mods on… But I hope to add […]

Project Car Builds

Project BRZ Part 1 – Rear Lights

11 Nov , 2014  


Time to start a new project car – using the Subaru UK BRZ I have been developing for the last 12 months.. We’re very lucky in this job… we get to experience, drive and feature some absolutely corking motors. All of them leave an impression in one way or another, but occasionally, you come across […]

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SHINE ON; AUTOGLYM shines the 99!

16 Oct , 2014  


Storage; something that many of us have to sort for our lesser-used classics. But how do you go about re-commissioning a car that’s been under a cover or left in a corner for longer than you’d like? Having abandoned my beloved Saab 99 in a draughty barn for over two years, I finally got round […]

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1 Oct , 2014   Video


EVENT: Forge Action Day 2014

25 Sep , 2014   Video


With the most eclectic guest list on the UK show-scene, the Forge Motorsport Action Day lived up to its reputation as being the most inclusive of summer shows. There can’t be many track and show events where this variety of machinery gets shown off both on and off the circuit! The weather was mercifully dry […]

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Autoglym ‘Let It Shine’ Video

17 Nov , 2013   Video


An oldie, but a goodie this one – and the chance to be on the other side of the camera for a change. It’s nice to produce and direct every now and then! This idea came about after car-care  gods Autoglym asked our agency, ProMotiv, to create a short film that showcased their ongoing links […]


ROADTEST: STaSIS S5 European Motorsport Challenge Edition

17 Jul , 2013  


Fancy a bit of Supercar baiting, but don’t want to look too ostentatious in the process? Then the latest STaSIS “European Motorsport Challenge Edition” may very well be what you need. Over 400 thoroughbred horses in a svelte, yet subtle, wrapper ought to do it… People who buy really fast cars, generally speaking, can be […]

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Onboard – Buddy Club Civic Cup Pembrey

24 Nov , 2011   Video


A cracking race from a few years back. My first time at Pembrey – and in a car that was a little off the pace. Still superb fun though – and some very close racing! VTEC just kicked in, yo!

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