Paul Cowland

Paul Cowland


Driven – Litchfield Audi RS6 Stage 3 Conversion

25 Jan , 2016   Video

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  Sticking The Boot In. (Pics Chris Wallbank) If the RS6 in standard trim simply isn’t enough for you, then supercar tuner Litchfield has the perfect riposte. By adding another 200 bhp and a huge helping of torque, the Gloucestershire tuner has created a truly practical, daily-driveable, supercar – with a simply enormous boot. When […]

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ROADTEST: Litchfield Audi RS6

17 Nov , 2014  


Less Is More… Of all Ingolstadt’s ‘sensible’ products, the RS6 packs one of the mightiest punches straight from the showroom floor. But that’s still not enough for some people. I was lucky enough to  try the latest conversion package from Litchfield – which proves that when it comes to tuning one of the world’s greatest […]

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ROADTEST: STaSIS S5 European Motorsport Challenge Edition

17 Jul , 2013  


Fancy a bit of Supercar baiting, but don’t want to look too ostentatious in the process? Then the latest STaSIS “European Motorsport Challenge Edition” may very well be what you need. Over 400 thoroughbred horses in a svelte, yet subtle, wrapper ought to do it… People who buy really fast cars, generally speaking, can be […]

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