Paul Cowland

Paul Cowland

Project Car Builds

Project 328 Part 4 – Oil Change

6 Jan , 2015  


Although my 328 has the kind of history that even Simon Sharma would find impressive, and has just been fully serviced, I’ve only gone and given it an oil change. There is method in my madness however, as you’ll find out! Some things in life you can’t do too often I reckon. Bacon sandwiches, for […]

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Project Car Builds

Project 328 Part 3 – Rear Lights

24 Nov , 2014  


Steaming straight into the work on my E36, I decided to go for the aesthetics first. Why are you not surprised? At least I have a good excuse this time.. Usually, when you buy a 15 year old car, there are a plethora of jobs and a mile-long snagging list to sort out before you […]

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Project Car Builds

Project 328 Part 1

13 Nov , 2014  


So I may have been on Ebay recently… As Britney Spears once profoundly stated, ‘Oops, I did it again..’ You know how it goes, whilst cogitating and deliberating on what should be done next on my other BMWs,  you take a little sneak onto Ebay and narrow the search a little. We’ve all done it; […]

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