Paul Cowland

Paul Cowland

Project Car Builds

Project STI Part 1 – Introduction

6 Jan , 2015  


Blame it on my friends at Subaru.. but I have another car to fettle. In between filming the latest series of Turbo Pickers on Discovery, I will be plying you guys with updates from my latest project car – this nice, but ‘well-used’ Subaru UK track hack… It’s funny what comes your way in this […]

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Project Car Builds

Project 328 Part 4 – Oil Change

6 Jan , 2015  


Although my 328 has the kind of history that even Simon Sharma would find impressive, and has just been fully serviced, I’ve only gone and given it an oil change. There is method in my madness however, as you’ll find out! Some things in life you can’t do too often I reckon. Bacon sandwiches, for […]

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ROADTEST: Subaru BRZ SE Lux Manual

21 Nov , 2014  


I have read a lot of road tests on this car, seen a lot of forum posts and spent a lot of miles in it. Therefore, I think it’s fair to say, for those who think the BRZ/GT86 doesn’t pack enough tech or power, you either haven’t driven it for long enough – or you’ve […]

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Project Car Builds

Project 328 Part 2

13 Nov , 2014  


It begins! Having found an Ebay ‘bargain’ in my last article, in the intervening period, I have been to pick it up. But was it an over-described, over-priced wreck? Or shock of shocks, did someone actually describe a car accurately for once? You know how it is, you sit on Ebay, the seconds counting down, […]

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Green Heaven!

13 Nov , 2014   Video


Offered the chance to join Team BILSTEIN at the fabled Destination Nurburgring event earlier in the year, how could I say no? Put simply.. I couldn’t! Time to see what my old Golf GTI race car could really do on the world’s toughest circuit. The Nurburgring is deserved of its iconic status. It is a […]

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Onboard – Buddy Club Civic Cup Pembrey

24 Nov , 2011   Video


A cracking race from a few years back. My first time at Pembrey – and in a car that was a little off the pace. Still superb fun though – and some very close racing! VTEC just kicked in, yo!

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