Paul Cowland

Paul Cowland

Project Car Builds

Project TV Beetle Part 2 -Service

28 Oct , 2016  


Time to get the TV bug back into shape this month as I visit my old chum Steve Johnson, of Johnson Autoworks fame, in order to get the ’72 running like a Swiss watch. A shiny VW is always a lovely thing to behold, but if the mucky bits beneath it are not looking, or […]

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Project Car Builds

Project TV Beetle Part 1

21 Jan , 2016  


Back To The Future. Plucked from barn-find obscurity and ‘restored’ for my Discovery Channel ‘Turbo Pickers’ TV show, this pretty little ’72 Bug has now ended up at home with me… and here’s why! In a motor trade and media career that has now spanned 20-odd years, I have had a few unexpected phone calls in my […]

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BLOG: My Top ‘Picking’ Tips

2 Feb , 2015  


Since the old show came out on the telly box, I have had quite a few people and journos ask me to outline a few hints and tips for making a few quid either out of stuff you already have, or random old tat that you might find out and about on your travels. While […]

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Sneak Peek. Episode 1, Turbo Pickers

16 Nov , 2014   Video

Just a tiny glimpse of what’s in store for Episode 1… In this episode we went up to see the superbly knowledgeable Dougal at Longstone Tyres. If you own anything, weird, retro, vintage or rare, chances are, he has the tyre for it on the shelf. A top bloke who deserves his own show, I […]

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